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We put your ideas into practice

Business App Development

With more than 12 years of experience in mobile apps we support you in each stage of your app project.

At the beginning there is your vision!

Do you
... want to make products, services and information mobile available ?
... have the vision of an app that the market needs?
... already have a mobile application that needs to be updated urgently?

Then we are the right partner for you!

Together we develop your mobile strategy in workshops:

  • Creation of mind maps
  • Analysis of requirements in order to meet the interests of all stakeholders
  • Definition of objectives and discussion of possible realization options
  • Development of a schedule

We work together with graphic designers to create an outstanding user experience

  • Design consulting taking account of user-friendly aspects
  • Drafting a user interface design concept
  • Creating mockups for illustrating the app's look and functions
  • Creating detailed designs of all screens
Before your app is programmed we build a prototype. This gives you an idea of ​​the look and feel of your app

Once the concept has been drawn up our team starts to program your mobile application.

  • Cross plattform for Android, Java and iOS
  • With regular insights into the technical progress you can actively participate in the process until the app is ready for launch

We support you on your further journey.

  • Quality assurance through testing and bug fixing
  • Placing your app in the app store of your choice
  • Constant support for reliable operation of your app
  • Further development and updates in order to meet new requirements and needs



We market your app

App Marketing Support

There are more than 4 million mobile apps in the app stores. On average only 27 apps are installed on the user devices. Consequently, it is not enough to develop an excellent app you have to market it!


Online Marketing Manager


We begin with integrated planning. This requires knowledge about the market and the potential users. Together we define goals and create an individual marketing strategy:

  • Workshops for creating an app marketing strategy
  • Market and user segmentation
  • Target group and competitor analysis

Considering the large number of available apps in each category getting found seems to be a big challenge. We will familiarize you with app store optimization and how to ingrate it into your app marketing process.

  • Keyword analysis
  • Metadata optimization
  • Screenshot and icon analysis
  • App Preview
  • Rating und review management

In addition to the organic reach in the app store it is important to address potential users via other channels. Possible tools include search engine advertisement, social media posts as well as setting up online presence. These measures are also important with regard to customer loyalty and retention.

  • Paid Media Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Retargeting
  • App PR
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation

We focus on measurable success of app marketing. This requires the accurate tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs). In addition to Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics, we work with several tracking services, tailored to your project.

  • Definition and tracking of your own KPIs
  • Documentation of paid and organic traffic
  • Creation of reports and optimization suggestions
You have a vision? We put it into action!

Digital Transformation Consulting

Our world is becoming increasingly interconnected and digital transformation has already covered all stages of industrial creation of value. The digitization of analogue processes brings also technical and organizational changes which contribute to an improvement in efficiency. Together we explore, develop and implement new possibilities of networked and efficient production in your company.

  • Professional support on questions concerning digital transformation
  • Definition of a shared vision, overriding objectives and important fields of action
  • Development of effective digitization strategies
  • Implementation of the created concepts